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Meet my cats:


mittens   mittensportrait

This is Mittens, we adopted her from a shelter when I was a kid.  She is a 17 year old Birman.  She likes to sleep alot, she doesn’t necessarily like her younger brothers Buster, and Jackson, but she’s very protective over them. She gets easily distracted, and considers herself to be a proper lady.

busterlaughing    busterback    busterportrait

This is my middle child, Buster, I adopted him from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old.  Buster is 4 years old and he is a Turkish Angora mix.  He spent the first 6 months of his life deaf, before his hearing developed. The picture on the left was taken right after I told him he was adopted.  He took it surprisingly well, unlike Jackson.  Buster also is very athletic, he loves to climb, and loves to hunt.

Jacksoncoffee2   jacksoncoffee  jacksonportrait

And finally, this is the baby, Jackson.  I adopted Jackson from the same shelter as Buster, when Jackson was 10 weeks old, and 6mos after I adopted Buster.  As you can tell from the first 2 photos, Jackson loves his coffee in the morning with extra milk (hold the coffee). Jackson and Buster are best friends, its rare you see one with out the other. Jackson is VERY talkative, he gets into everything, and he needs constant attention which is all very common for his Siamese breed.  Jackon loves his toys, he has toy mice that he chews all the way down to the plastic, and likes to play fetch with them … it never ends.  He also goes absolutely crazy for lasers.


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